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Seeing the Student Body – A Two Part Workshop Series with Shanti Kelley

Saturday October 21, 2017 @ 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Seeing the Student Body with Shanti Kelley

The Lines of Energy of Dynamic Asana, An Exploration into Advanced Anatomy for Yogis

9:30a-12p (lecture and practice)
1-4p (practice and assisting) 5hrs

$45 for single session or $95 for both
Space is limited to 10 participants
Yoga Alliance CE credit

In this two-part workshop, we learn how to access from the dynamic level, beginning to relate to our practice from the inside out rather than forcing the shape from the outside in. This is the mark of Mastery in practice and the dance of effortless ease. Please join me as we learn how to organize the body, see the ways we lose our power and find balance that dives us right to the center of grace in practice!

Part One: Igniting Dynamic Empowerment in Ourselves

9:30AM – 12PM
Understanding from the physical sheath, where and how lines of energy are accessed, originated and fully expressed. Includes an exploration into Anatomy for Yogi’s and the Dynamic Web of the Fascial Sheath.

  • What are the Lines of Energy? What does it mean to be in Dynamic Embodiment?
  • Understanding and Accessing the 4 Strengthen Layers of the Physical Form
  • Where are the Lines of Energy located in the body and how do they create empowered and sustainable deepening over time.
  • A Break in the Line: How the line’s of energy in the body become ‘broken’ or how we hold so tightly we constrict our roots from reaching ground
  • Seeing the Student Body Within: What does it looks like when a practice or pose has lost its power.
  • Practice: How to access these lines for ourselves (for a practice that will grow with you)
  • What does it mean to be integrated in a pose and how to find it on the subtle level.

Part Two: Igniting Dynamic Empowerment in Others

1PM – 4PM
Going deeper, we will explore these principles from the perspective of viewing and assisting subtle body in our students. How to cue and direct, how to move our students into a deeper, safer and more empowered yoga experience.

  • The anatomy of the energetic body: the Bandhas, Nadis, Granhtis, Spine + Nerve Channels, and Meridians: How different systems are relating the same energetic premise.
  • Clinic: How to see the Lines of Energy in our students. Through working with individual students and their poses we will discover what a pose looks like when a line of energy has been broken or is so constricted no freedom is possible.
  • Explore adjusting technique’s for teachers and learn how to deepen practice and support asana from the inside out.
  • Yoga Philosophy: What is meant by Striha Sukha Asanam and why the body is just a metaphor.

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Saturday October 21, 2017
9:30 am - 4:00 pm


PYA Side Space
Austin, TX United States