Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions


Alignment-based yoga, emphasizing precise bio-mechanical alignment and actions. The pace of the class can be moderate to advanced (ie holding poses longer than in a vinyasa class), and can include some vinyasa, but alignment will be emphasized.


Vinyasa is a system of yoga in which the breath is coordinated with the movement and the movements or postures are linked together in a continuous flow. The system is known for it’s strong yet fluid approach to yoga, in which strength, agility and flexibility are developed with continued practice. The Vinyasa II-III classes invite intermediate/advanced practitioners to engage with their practice with deeper level of conscious embodiment. Advanced poses may be on the offered, but not necessarily.


Mindful yoga is a meditation of motion and stillness that runs counter to our busy, scattered, fast paced, and anxious modern culture. It is a truly integrated mind body practice that trains patience, steadiness focus and acceptance. In mindfulness yoga we consciously connect to the physical experience of body and breath as a focus to train our awareness to be stable, calm, genuine, and present. We practice making peace with our body, our emotions, and our thoughts. We learn to make peace with, and tame our inner restlessness and anxiety so that we can experience genuine natural presence in the moment. We practice resting in the long burning intensity of poses, learning to experience everything that happens peacefully and openly without judgement or interpretation. With patience, willingness and careful practice this style of yoga can integrate us with our experience of the present moment so that we can truly be a clear, beneficial presence in the world.

Dark Yoga

Dark Yoga Austin formerly Black Metal Yoga ATX.

Embracing the light and the dark through yoga poses and guided meditation. This class is offered to everyone! Don’t be scared! We practice in a dark room with candles and healing water lights. I keep it cold all year round while we build our internal heat. Class level varies night to night depending on the fitness level of the class. I give modifications for harder poses.

This is a nonjudgemental, gentle environment while we rock out to doom/black metal/dark wave music.  No screeching guitars. We take our journey with dark, ambient music to focus your mind and unwind our bodies. Toxic free in every way!


Yogahour® is an accessible, affordable, expertly taught flow class that offers clear and specific alignment instructions. Yogahour aims to be the most doable yet difficult one-hour flow class offered anywhere.


Power Yoga is an energizing and empowering vinyasa class that will encourage you to find your unique edge and move with intention. As you build physical strength, stamina, and flexibility, the dynamic movements of power yoga challenge you to develop focus, balance, and purpose that extend to life beyond the yoga mat. Come prepared to breathe, sweat, and flow to uplifting music.