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Recalibration: A Sound Healing Meditation with Tina Rodriguez

Wednesday June 23, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Integrating the Shifts, Aligning to a Higher Timeline, Surrendering to the Divine

Date & Time
June 23

Practice Yoga Church
414 W. Johanna St
Austin, Texas 78704

This is the first meditation here at Practice Yoga Church since February of 2020 before the massive shift in our global consciousness. We have had to do so much to rebalance ourselves. We’ve had a lot of time to gain awareness of what is and is not working in our lives individually and collectively. But things are still moving and shaking and it has been and may continue to be disorienting.

How do we keep our center? Our focus? How do we remain attentive and actively listening to our heart through the chaos and interference of the outside world? The tools and energy are available to us to assist in keeping ourselves in a peaceful and observant space so we can take heart-aligned action.

We are in these potent cosmic energies–

Summer Solstice— This is the longest day, shortest night. We give gratitude to the light and all it will continue to bring up for us in awareness of the darkness as the night comes in. Not to be afraid of the dark, but knowing that it is an integral and necessary part of life and the harmonization of both is what we aim for in all areas.

The Full Moon— Let us bring to full luminosity all that is not serving that we want to let go. May we honor the past and give ourselves the opportunity to fully release to make room for the new. If we are looking at it in this way— this is the halfway point of the year. What can we anchor in now in new beliefs, new systems that can serve us in the months ahead?

What do you want to call in to the future? Remembering that things can shift so quickly (as we have experienced), and so resilience and adaptability is key. Being able to quickly recalibrate to new energies and circumstances without losing complete sense of center and self. Surrendering to the divine flow and order as well as activating implicit trust that all is working in your favor even if you cannot see the blessings yet.

Who do we want to be? How can we align ourselves to the frequency of that aspect of self that isn’t apart from us, but inextricably a part of us? To that which we want to see in our physical reality for ourselves as well as the world?

A calibration. An attunement. A shift in vibration. May we stay close to our heart and the vibration of love to continue to navigate the shifts that are here and on their way, bring about the shifts within that we wish to see and be, so we can see them out in the world.

I so look forward to sharing this space with you!

Love, Tina

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Wednesday June 23, 2021
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


414 Johanna St W
414 Johanna St W
Austin, TX 78704 United States


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