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Pink Moon: Sound Healing & Meditation *SOLD OUT*

Friday April 19, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


This event is sold out.



Spring has sprung, and we are emerging from the darkness of winter and into the colorful bounty that spring brings.
Now is the time to come out of hiding, out of hibernation/gestation, and birth yourself anew. What has needed to be shed has integrated back into the earth, serving as a fertilizer for what you wish to grow.
Each season we are given an opportunity to release more of what no longer serves. Peeling another layer of an old wound or pattern, putting it to rest, giving it gratitude for the lesson it has served, and letting it go.

Pink is the vibrational color of the high heart chakra. Traditionally the heart chakra has been seen as a green color but as we raise our vibrations the colors are shifting. Pink represents and generates unconditional love.
Our hearts are the center of all the chakras and what connects us to the heart of creation. From this place we are able to attune to what is in our highest alignment and can manifest rapidly from the spirit realm into our physical reality.

In this session I will be working with balancing all the chakras with crystal singing bowls, but working mainly with the high heart chakra. I have two bowls, a 24k gold and a rose quartz bowl tuned to F# to activate the thymus gland, releasing old traumas from all timelines, realms and dimensions–simultaneously activating the pineal gland through the binaural beat of the two F# bowls, to help remember anywhere in our soul’s history where we felt unworthy of being connected to Source, and receiving the Divine Love from Source. The Gold frequency is the thread that connects us to Source energy. This thread that will move through all the chakras will also harmonize all that is out of alignment. When we remember that we are infinitely connected to Source and can draw from this field of energy, EVERYTHING is possible! We are simultaneously becoming anchors of Divine Unconditional Love and everything we are, everything we touch is infused with it.
This will also be the first meditation where I bring in live looping. The angelic realm, the Hathors, star nations, and other spirit helpers are able to come in and create a vocal symphony of harmonic sound for you which will even further connect you to your multidimensionality, expanding your pranic field, assist you in making quantum shifts, and igniting your ability to generate and cultivate more magic into your life.

I am so excited to share this space with you at this new venue of Practice Yoga Church!
Pre-registration is required for this event.

Looking forward to seeing you!


*bring a mat, blanket, pillow to sit/lay for meditation
*dress comfortably
*bring your open heart and intentions for your healing


414 Johanna St W
414 Johanna St W
Austin, TX 78704 United States
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