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*sold out* One World: Sound Healing with Tina Rodriguez

Tuesday February 22, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Anchoring Unity Consciousness onto the Planet

Date & Time
Tuesday, 2/22/22

Practice Yoga Church
414 W. Johanna Street
Austin, Texas 78704

Pre-registration required.

We are in a pivotal time in history where much weighs in the balance. Our choices have already set in motion what is here and on its way, but we are being called to deeply assess what is and is not in alignment for us and the world as a whole at this time.

We have been feeling the compounding of energies for some time now. Each “portal” day that comes around, more light is seeded into our bodies, into the earth, creating catalytic shifts in consciousness.

There are many things connected to this day that are potent reminders of the power of numbers— not just the numbers that we see as guideposts on our path, but how many of us gather together in intention in these portals of manifestation for the highest good of all to amplify love and unity and the highest possible timeline and reality onto the planet.

The number 2 represents duality— we are living in a dualistic consciousness, where for our evolution as a species, duality is required for us to grow and learn. The opposites are necessary, to be able to view ourselves in contrast. The light cannot be fully expressed or experienced without also knowing its counter in the darkness.
However, like a pendulum swinging across the spectrum, we are witness to the extremes— we see and do our best to be the light the world needs, but the brighter we become, it seems the darker and denser things get. For the light illuminates all that is cast in shadow, and will continue to do so as we move towards Harmony.

Astrologically—The planet Pluto— has to do with death and rebirth. A time of great transformation. When it returns to its place in its natal chart, big events tend to take place. The United States is having its Pluto return on 2/22, 248 years from it’s last appearance (1776— the birth of our nation). Pluto brings up all the shadows that have gone unaddressed and is bringing to the surface our relationship with power. As a nation (also in relation to the rest of the world) we are seeing front and center that which can no longer be avoided in terms of the imbalances of power. We are at the crux of civilization. Will we rise together or will we fall?
It also calls us to greater awareness of how we are using or misusing our power individually.
We are seeing 2 worlds existing simultaneously.
There are people and circumstances that are perpetuating fear, separation, and destruction
And there are people and circumstances that are building a foundation of love, unity and creation
Every person for themselves vs We are all in this together.
Disparity in wealth and resources— where select groups thrive, and others don’t survive
And where every being is taken into account, as one interconnected ecosystem, where it behooves every one to contribute and collaborate so that everyone wins. All hearts on deck.

The number 2 on this day is amplified 6 times— 6 being the number of love. 2×6=12, 1+2=3 Divine creativity and expression
22 is a Master Builder number. We are building a new foundation for Earth. All of our unique mastery and gifts are needed now. We are being called for duty, to take our posts, to serve through our divine creative expression, to fully re-member why we came here to the planet at this time and to dispel anything that is getting in the way of being love, truth and wisdom in action.
The 2 is also universal knowledge and ancient wisdom that lives within us and all around us. The Earth has been here for millennia, and has seen the many rises and falls of civilizations past. Here we are again. We can draw upon history and learn from our mistakes on an individual and collective level. We can activate the timelines where we coexisted harmoniously with nature, with all species, including those not from our planet but from other star systems, realms and dimensions.

We are all here with great purpose. What mission is on your heart and soul to fulfill? What mastery do you wish to embody? What song does your soul wish to sing to add to the collective soul symphony, singing the song of the New Earth, amplifying the harmonic resonant frequency to assist in the ascension of the planet and all her creatures?

I always say 222 you know what to do.
The time is now.
On this portal day we gather all our hearts together as an amplified beacon of light, holding anchor of light, peace, love, consciousness and harmony— embodying within us and without us, the divine union of duality.

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Tuesday February 22, 2022
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm