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Beyond the Veil: Day of the Dead Sound Healing with Tina Rodriguez

Wednesday November 2, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Beyond the Veil: Day of the Dead Sound Healing with Tina Rodriguez

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Honoring those who came before us, and the ancestors we will become

Date & Time
Wednesday, November 2

Practice Yoga Church
414 W. Johanna Street
Austin, Texas 78704

Pre-registration required.

Our ancestors are all around us, all the time. When the veils are thin, we can sense them, perhaps guiding us in a particular direction. In my experience, my ancestors have pointed to my greatest discovery of Self.
My ancestors led me to the path I walk now. They led me to using my hands and allowing divine energy to move through them for healing, to use my voice as well as my psychic/intuitive gifts. Because of them, I too am a healer, a Curandera. (“Curar” in Spanish means “to heal.”)
Through lineages on both sides of my family as well as the lineages that I found along the way (from my roots as an Aztec, to ancient modalities from other cultures)— I have experienced the most profound healing and wisdom that reconnected me to myself and its relation to all of Creation. In Nature—all the elements and the spirits of the Earth have teachings for us if we open our hearts to listen. What guidance might they have for you?

I am thankful that I learned how to listen. To be able to hear their voices beyond the veil to take me to the pain that I carry in my body as a result of unresolved trauma from generations past, and have the tools to be able to move it so it doesn’t carry forward to future generations.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to give honor and reverence to the Earth— to open to the wisdom of the trees, the water, the ocean creatures, all the animals and the messages they carry, the spirit of the wind, the sun, moon and stars. The Earth holds the history of our blood and soul ancestry—our loved ones had their own experience and connection to the land they lived on, to all the elements that surrounded them. They sang the songs of the forests and the water, and held that wisdom within their bones that now lives within us. Also the connection to beings in realms beyond our Earthly realm—all of these ancestors and guardians have seen the many iterations of the planet, have seen our souls through so many timelines of experience and know all we have suffered through, and can remind us of the love, joy and triumphs.

It is always such a blessing to facilitate this sound experience on Dia de Los Muertos, to not only honor the dead, but also to call upon all of our ancestry throughout all time and space, all realms and dimensions, Earth and Spirit, and ask for their assistance in moving through the portal of death and transformation, to release all that does not serve us, so that we can live fully in the time we have here. So we can be the embodied prayer, leaving a legacy of healing. We are the living altar of the temple of creation, our vessels ever connected to the divine and used in unique expression, as well as the perpetual offering that is our heart’s intention to live in unconditional love, compassion, and harmony.

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Wednesday November 2, 2022
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm