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Chakra Dance Yoga with Golebahar Tabatabai & Nite Drive

Thursday, June 22 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Chakra Dance Yoga with Golebahar Tabatabai & Nite Drive

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A unique movement experience with a live DJ that heals, inspires, and cultivates community.

Date & Time
Thursday, June 22

Practice Yoga Austin South
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Chakra Dance Yoga™ (CDY) was birthed from Golebahar’s wisdom of the chakra system, love of dance, and training in yoga to create a unique movement experience that is both incredibly healing and empowering. No prior experience required, CDY will meet you wherever you are to awaken your intuitive healing power, clear any energetic blocks, and connect you more lovingly with your beautiful body, mind, emotions, and soul. The soundtrack to your CDY session is a live DJ set curated by Nite Drive.

CDY is open to all humans, no matter your experience in yoga, dance, or the chakras. Golebahar will guide you through the chakras, from root to crown, offering suggested movements, poses, and sounds, while also encouraging you to tap into your body and intuition to move in a way that would be most supportive for YOU. For this reason, every CDY flow is unique, just like each one of us. No phones are allowed during the class to create a non-judgmental space for movement & expression.

The Chakra Dance Yoga session starts with a community connection and guided group journaling exercise to make the practice more intentional. Then Nite Drive and Golebahar start the movement portion of class where you will dance, move, shake, breathe, and stretch to release, heal, manifest & express. Golebahar also infuses the whole experience with Reiki and closes out with a guided meditation to integrate your experience in a grounding and beautiful way. There is time set aside at the end of more community connection, card pulls & asking Golebahar for guidance on what came up during your experience.

You will leave feeling more connected to your mind, body, and heart, while creating community with like minded souls here in Austin.

Golebahar is a Reiki Master, Chakra Dance Yoga Creator, Inspirational Speaker + Spiritual Guide. Connect with her on Instagram @iam.golebahar or www.geniusbahar.com

Nite Drive is a DJ, Producer, Musician, Singer/Songwriter, and lover of music and dance. Connect with him on Instagram @nitedrivemusic

Benefits of Chakra Dance Yoga + Reiki:
-Deeper connection to your whole self (body, mind, emotions, and soul)
-Moving stagnant energy in your Chakras (energy centers)
-Learning more about the Chakras, Ecstatic Dance and Yoga in a simple yet empowering way
-Connect to your higher self and the Universe/God/Spirit/Source
-Awaken your intuitive healing power
-Cultivate more self love and self empowerment
-Have fun moving your body!
-Release worry/fear/doubt/shame/guilt and feel more freedom/peace/love/confidence/creativity/safety/connection

To Prepare for Our Circle:
-Please dress in yoga clothes or clothes you can comfortably move in.
-Bring water and a yoga mat.
-Bring a journal and pen for setting intentions + writing any inspiration you may receive.
-Refrain from eating 1-2 hours before your session so you can flow more easily. I highly encourage having a nourishing and grounding meal after our session.
-Bring your favorite crystals and any other magical items you’d like to create a healing space
**Please note that once the class begins, NO CELL PHONES will be allowed. This is to create a safe and non-judgmental space for all participants to experience the practice.**
Any questions, please feel free to reach out to Golebahar at [email protected]

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Thursday, June 22
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm