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Meditations on the Tarot: The High Priestess

Meditations on the Tarot: The High Priestess

**You don’t need to be interested in Tarot to attend this offering.**
In this workshop you will learn about how the human brain perceives meaning in symbolic images, the way that Classical & Vedantan yoga philosophy differ from Tantra and how that difference is reflected in the High Priestess, a simple yet profound meditation called Centering Prayer, the dual nature of consciousness, and so much more.

The High Priestess, like all the other Major Arcanum of the Tarot, is an authentic symbol, i.e. she is a magic, mental, psychic and moral operation that awakens new notions, ideas, sentiments and aspirations. She acts as a ‘ferment’ or an ‘enzyme’ whose presence stimulates spiritual and psychic life. She conceals and reveals her sense at one and the same time according to the depth of meditation.

In this workshop, you will be led through a 45 minute alignment based practice to focus your body and mind towards effortless concentration followed by a contemplative study of the symbolism of The High Priestess as it is characterized in the profound spiritual text, ‘Meditations On the Tarot.’ Afterwards we’ll conclude with a transformative meditation called Centering Prayer.

Opening to the deeper meaning embedded in symbols such as the High Priestess makes us fertile in our creative pursuits in the domain of spiritual life. By engaging in this process you will gain an understanding of the concept of mysticism, gnosis (knowledge of spiritual mysteries), dualism, and the primacy of love. Please bring a journal and something to write with. If you have copy of Meditations On The Tarot, please bring it. If not, handouts of the passages we are reading will be provided.

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Full Moon Gong Bath

Full Moon Gong Bath

The full moon beckons us to slow down and reexamine our intentions. Take the time to slow down, turn inward and reset your intentions to move forward with the cleansing power of the full moon. The evening will begin with intention setting and realigning into the present moment in the Full Moon in Aquarius which focuses on releasing emotional residue and moving into emotional freedom. I will guide you through slow, gentle movement, grounding breath work, and eventually recline into a supported savasana where you will receive the healing sounds and vibrations the gong, bowls and chimes.


Christine Anderson

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We Are The Ocean: Sound Healing & Meditation w/Tina Rodriguez

We Are The Ocean: Sound Healing & Meditation w/Tina Rodriguez

“Your sweat is salty, I am why.”—Oceania, Bjork

The water our life force, what keeps us alive aside from our breath.
Our last meditation we focused on our connectivity to all that is.
I briefly brought in the intricate circuitry of the water and how that applies and connects to our venous and other systems in our bodies.

We will be working with this a bit more this meditation as June 8th is World Oceans Day!
Our oceans, their health and harmony are directly related to our own. Taking some time to connect our own bodies and the water within them and addressing what needs to be healed, also affects the body of the earth/ocean.

They say all life comes from the ocean, and any creature that we see on land has evolved in adaptation.

I recently returned from a journey where I connected with some ocean creatures that are suffering, and as a sound healer and conduit for their sounds and frequencies this is something I have heard for some time. We are not separate from these creatures nor what they endure. But with their unconditionally loving hearts they are still here (as well as their inter dimensional counterparts) to assist us in raising our frequency/vibration and healing our bodies with their sounds.

We will focus on where anything may be stagnate in our emotional bodies, the waters of our hearts. Allowing ourselves to gently stir up these waters to release anything that keeps those waters from moving/flowing freely.

Please bring a bottle of water to honor as well as charge this water with the sounds/energy we will share in this session so you can drink in these frequencies and continue the healing process.

I’m looking forward to sharing this sacred space with you!


* Please bring a pillow, mat/blanket to sit/lay for meditation
* dress comfortably
* bring an open heart and any intentions you may have for your healing


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