1:1 Yoga Therapy

1:1 Yoga Therapy

Practice Yoga Therapy, Our Mission

Our 1:1 Yoga Therapy sessions focus on an individual assessment to address your specific concerns, lifestyle, and personality. In 1:1 Yoga Therapy we will identify your goals and create manageable steps that we will work through with physical, visual, meditative practices.

In 1:1 Yoga Therapy our team educates and guides you in the philosophy of yoga,  informed by evidence and best practices that promote health, resiliency, contentment, and ease.

Initial Intake Session

  • 90-120 minutes
  • $100-$250 price varies per therapist

Ongoing Yoga Therapy Session

  • 60 minutes
  • $75-$150 price varies per therapist

What To Expect On Your First Appointment

After scheduling your initial intake session you will receive an intake form to complete. This form will inform your yoga therapist about your relevant medical history and why you're seeking 1:1 Yoga Therapy.

During your intake session, you will get to know your yoga therapist and discuss your concerns, lifestyle, personality, and goals.

Next, we will begin working on physical, visual, meditative practices that move toward your goals. We will discuss the frequency and duration of your practice plan and schedule check-ins and follow-up visits.

What Is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is a process dedicated to treating and healing the whole person, which is sometimes missed in western treatments.

Through the skillful application of 1:1 Yoga Therapy, we begin to recognize how to live and maintain optimal health.

A 1:1 Yoga Therapy program is developed collaboratively between the yoga therapist and their client which may include the 8 limbs of yoga, hatha yoga consisting of, but not limited to, the physical practices including postures, breathing practices, meditation, imagery, chanting, personal study, healthy nutrition, obtaining and adequate rest.

Yoga therapy is not a replacement for western medicine, but instead a powerful supplement that helps one live a balanced life.

Yoga therapy not only promotes optimal healing and recovery but can help you move from a life of simply existing to thriving. Through the process of yoga therapy, we learn to recognize our potential and how to address the obstacles which stand in the way of living our best life.

A C-IAYT (Certified-International Association of Yoga Therapists) has a minimum of 1000 hours of training in the field of yoga therapy. This includes the minimum 200 hours of training required to be a yoga teacher and an additional 800 hours of training that includes therapeutically oriented philosophy, advanced kinesiology, and movement, psychology, and biomedicine, in-depth anatomy, and pathophysiology, the adaptation of yoga tools from evidence-based and best practices; as well as an extensive clinical practicum.

The Difference Between Yoga Class And Yoga Therapy

What to Expect in 1:1 Yoga Therapy

1:1 Yoga Therapy sessions differ from general yoga classes in the following ways:

Yoga Class

  • Instruction in yoga techniques
  • General practice often with a fitness orientation towards achieving a posture(s)
  • Limited individual adaptations
  • Community-oriented

Yoga Therapy Session

  • Individual assessment and formal intake
  • Addresses specific concerns
  • Practices are tailored to client goals and encompass a vast range of yoga interventions
  • Individual self-empowerment for healing
  • Yoga as a lifestyle for homeostasis and evolvement
  • Therapeutic relationship
  • Possible group focus and support
  • Knowledge Base