Yo, Yogi! Spin that Wheel! A Workshop with Chrispy Bhagat Signh

Yo, Yogi! Spin that Wheel! A Workshop with Chrispy Bhagat Signh


Saturday, April 4th, 2015 3-5pm
$20 Suggested Donation

Samsaras – Birth, Death and Rebirth in the Asanas

Before Shiva became the Lord of the Dancers, he was simply Sava – the corpse. It was love, desire and purpose that put the breath of life in him…

Once we are established in the asana practice, we have to start examining how and why we use this system; to what end are we practicing? Are we simply working to be healthy animals living longer, feeling great and looking good at death, or are we ultimately using the practice to investigate our mortality and how we move towards our actual final resting pose? No one gets out of this one alive.

Our practice often takes the trajectory of a lifecycle; we might start in Child’s Pose,
lowly gain stability on all fours, move into standing and more vigorous peaking poses, and gradually move back towards the Earth, ultimately ending in Corpse Pose. Finish this by coming through Fetal into seated meditation, and we’ve created a metaphor for the path of our lives.

Da Vinci wrote, “As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death.” Ultimately, while your yoga practice helps support a more vibrant and intentional life, it is also here to prepare you for an elegant and liberating end to that experience. Through asana we prepare the body for the higher states of sensory focus, mental focus, and bliss – this is the fertile place for us to examine how we can live a life worth dying for.

This workshop will begin with a brief discussion for foundation, move into vigorous flows, moving meditations, challenging and long-held poses, meditation, pranayama and of course, a sweet and supportive Savasana.

Appropriate for all levels – no effort is ever wasted: bring a towel, we’ll flow until we glisten!

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