The Yin and Yang of Yoga with Gioconda Parker and Kiely Rutledge

The Yin and Yang of Yoga with Gioconda Parker and Kiely Rutledge

The Yin and Yang of Yoga with Gioconda Parker and Kiely Rutledge

November 6 7:30-9:30
November 7 2:30-4:30
November 20 7:30-9:30
November 27 7:30-9:30

$180 / $150 for graduates of any 200 hour teacher training program

**To receive the $150 price, please present your certificate to us in studio

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Gioconda Parker

For your Body – Yang – Vinyasa

The fluid form of Vinyasa Yoga creates heat in the body through connected poses designed to work your whole body, from the inside out. Connecting these movements with your breath awakens vital energy and the creative force of Shakti to bring dynamism to your practice and your life.

Yin – The practice of Yin Yoga restores flexibility of body and stillness of mind. Longer held poses work with the elements of time and gravity to balance the Yang of more active styles of practice

For your Mind – Yin/Yang

Yin – Meditation is the art of learning to still the waters of your mind. Learning to quiet your mind yields access to the depth of knowledge residing below the surface. Access your own inner knowing and connect to the core of your own being.

Kiely Rutledge

For Your Body – Yang – Alignment

The precision of Alignment yoga creates heat in the body through longer holds and specific muscle engagement. Not only does this give you deeper access to your body but it helps to cultivate awareness that can also be life changing off the mat. Through optimal placement of the body, energy or Prana can move through the body in its most organic flow.

Yin – Restorative Yoga is the centering of your breath and body-aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness for extended periods of time. This stillness allows you to access the deeper layers of awareness and rest in them.

For your mind – YIN/YANG

Yang – Self inquiry The ancient Indian Sramanas or strivers were seeking the state of ”living liberation “ in order to find it they sought teachers who insisted that the realization of the true Self could be developed through direct and persistent inner investigation of the body and the mind.They were really the ultimate detectives looking at each experience as a way to achieve liberation from the Samskaras or the seeds which are powerful unconscious motivators of action. Through written self-inquiry we can bring to light the patterns which are keeping us in suffering and awaken to the fullest expression of life possible.

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