Spirit Medicine, Soul Retrieval

Spirit Medicine, Soul Retrieval

Restorative Workshop with Erika Kluthe

Sunday, July 12th 6-7:30pm
$20 Suggested Donation

A Restorative Workshop with Erika Kluthe.

In this 90 minute restorative workshop we will be holding long, restorative postures while exerting little to no neuromuscular activity. In other words, we gonna chillax big time. We will begin our workshop with a Kundalini Kriya and breath exercise to open and prepare the energetic body for the journey. Erika K will offer several therapeutic modalities including guided meditation, visualization, Yoga Nidra, and TRE (Tension Releasing Exercises): this new technique dramatically increases well-being while releasing deep chronic tension that the body experiences in states of stress or trauma.

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