Quest For The Press with Jenn Coats

Quest For The Press with Jenn Coats


Saturday, May 5th from 3-5PM
$25 Donation

Press handstand is the pinnacle of control and finesse of the inversion family, but it is also the most elusive and hardest to achieve. In this workshop we will demystify and break down the key elements of a press handstand: learn what to engage, how to engage it, and explore step by step exercises that build the strength necessary to make press handstand a reality.

What to expect:

We’ll warm up properly, learn movement specific strengthening exercises, discuss detailed alignment and engagement actions of press handstand as well as its variations, and walk through the step by step process of building towards full press handstand. Please bring a paper and pen to take notes! You’ll walk away with the tools and knowledge necessary to build your press handstand practice and will be floating in no time!

Note: This workshop is appropriate for practitioners who are comfortable holding handstand against a wall for and extended period of time and/or are comfortable working their handstand away from the wall.

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