Precision in Practice – An Intensive with Shanti Kelley

Precision in Practice – An Intensive with Shanti Kelley

Shanti Precision in Practice


Saturday 10/8/16 (One day only!)
2:30 – 5:30PM


pre·ci·sion : prəˈsiZHən/
– marked by accuracy and exactness; a refinement in measure

A practice-based Intensive with Shanti covering anatomy, refinement and the exploration of many of the most fundamental and challenging classical practices.
Inversions, Backbends and Hip openers can be challenging and often scary explorations but when done with a wisdom and knowledge of how to access the body thru smart alignment and a compassionate heart we find the practice (and the pose) just naturally open to us.

Come practice strong, play wise and explore with heart …..

The session will include: Anatomical discussion, relevant kinesiological principle, practice for refinement, opening and pose advancement, and philosophical discussion, meditation and pranayama. Each session will close with long, cool, yin and yoga nidra (guided deep relaxation for healing and integration). Some Yoga RX will be explored.

How Much?

$55 for one day »

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