Practice Presence: Meditation

Practice Presence: Meditation

Practice Presence: Meditation

Sunday, November 13th from 7-9PM
$25 Suggested Donation

Presence is a practice that never ends. When life gets busy, it’s easy for the monkey mind to take over. This is why we practice presence in meditation. When you attach to the past or worry about the future, it’s difficult to find yourself in the present. When I let go, I am left with the gift of presence. The HERE and NOW. Clarity. Gratitude. Awareness.

How do you know when you are present?
You feel the power of your heart.
You drink in each breath.
You soften your body.
You lighten your mind.
You witness yourself.
You receive clear guidance.
You remember the miracle of your existence.
You are your truest self.
It feels like home.

Join me on Sunday November 13th for meditation and relaxation, supported by yummy sounds from singing bowl, flute, gong, vibe drum, and more. Healing vibrations. Come and get it!

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