Pilates for Yogis

Pilates for Yogis

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Saturday, December 6th from 3-5PM
$20 donation

Immerse yourself in how connecting at your core can transform your yoga practice and teaching. Learn how Pilates and yoga are the perfect sister formats that pick up where the other leaves off by weaving together the spiritual practice and postures of yoga with the core technique and fitness awareness of Pilates. Both are balanced and holistic but speak in different languages and tone.

If you are a teacher or a teacher in training you’ll Learn to cue with more clarity to get bodies into alignment quicker and more efficiently to produce results. If you’re simply a Pilates practitioner or beginning your Pilates journey you’ll deepen your understanding and capacity for results in your own body through a 45 min mat class leading into breaking down of 5 hallmark pilates exercises. We’ll workshop how to cue them, why you should do them, a little Pilates history with question and answer time for all of the above.

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