Flow & Glow with Mike & Josh

Flow & Glow with Mike & Josh


A transformational class series utilizing Asana, Pranayama, Kriyas and Live Music to create a dynamic, powerful experience. We are offering an opportunity to start the year with a steady committed practice, taking time each week for transformational yoga, empowerment and celebration. Help build a community that supports each other in growth and evolution.

Each week we will have a different focus to explore. It is ideal to attend the whole series but not required.

1st Session January 8th, 9pm, 75 minutes: Tapas (Translated from sanskrit this word means, heat, glow, discipline and austerity. In the context of yoga it can mean to put forth a sincere committed effort without attachment to the outcome. To make an unconditional offering of yourself. ) $10

2nd Session January 15th, 9pm, 75 minutes: Compassion (Compassion is having the courage to feel. To sit with the deepest emotions and lean into them without giving into knee jerk reactions or judgements. When we can cultivate a deep compassion for our own emotional experience we can empathize with others and help them to feel heard and taken care of.) $10

3rd Session January 22nd, 9pm, 75 minutes: Clarity (Over time we play roles, act parts and build up layers of protection that can become a filter for how we see the world and eventually mold us into becoming the mask. We will clear the body, mind and heart using a wide array of yogic techniques and turn your gaze within to re-connect with who you are beneath the parts played. Then carry this awareness of truest self out into all aspects of our lives.) $10

4th Session: January 30th, 9pm, 75 minutes: Stillness (In an age where everything is speeding up, we must stay grounded, centered and steady amidst the movements. Become the eye of your life’s storm by practicing finding stillness in your practice. This is not a technique of repression or bottling but of channeling energy into useful directions.)

Wednesdays: January 8, 15, 22, 30th at 9PM

Suggested donation of $10 a session

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