Finding Balance in Your Physical Life with Dr. Nelson Guda

Finding Balance in Your Physical Life with Dr. Nelson Guda


Friday, Jan 16 9-10:30PM
$25 Suggested Donation

A balanced life is one of the keys to health and happiness. Open the new year with a fresh look at the physical foundations we can put in place to find balance between your body practice and your daily life. Dr. Nelson Guda is an artist and yogi whose projects have taken him from remote wilderness areas to international conflict zones. Over the course of many years, Dr. Guda developed his own body practice as a way to balance the constantly changing and challenging situations of his work. From a background in yoga and Zen meditation training in Japan, he built a practice centered on strengthening your body’s foundations and balancing your physical practice across time constraints and energetic rhythms. Dr. Guda has spoken about his work at TEDx conferences and exhibited his art around the country. He brings a unique perspective to understanding your body and creating a practice that helps bring balance to your life.

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