Deer Medicine with Missy Shaw

Deer Medicine with Missy Shaw

Deer Medicine with Missy Shaw

Saturday, Feb 20th 7:30PM
$20 Suggested Donation

Deer Medicine

Native American Rituals and practices are rooted in creating a deeper connection with all aspects of life. Creatures big and small, alive and passed, the mountains and the valleys, the sky, the stars, the water, and everything in between. In particular, the Native American practice of ‘Animal Medicine’ embraces an awareness that reveals itself as an animal crosses our path. This may be in a physical sighting, a dream, a conversation between friends, or even on TV.

Missy passionately and deeply believes in this work and has been developing her self study in this realm and has finally pieced together the puzzle of ‘Animals and Asana’ to share it with you. She strongly believes that every animal can have a huge significance to our world, as well as something powerful to teach us, therefore, healing and enlivening our consciousness. Just like yoga, this awareness can uplift, strengthen, rejuvenate, empower, harmonize, and reanimate the spiritual and physical body… which is why she is tying the two practices together.

With this awareness, we then can take steps that are needed to create changes in our lives. To seek out our necessary, wild spirit medicine. Join us Friday, Feb. 20th to learn about the medicine of the potent yet gentle spirit of the Deer.

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