Breaking Down the Vinyasa With Shanti Kelley

Breaking Down the Vinyasa With Shanti Kelley


An exploration into the Form and Fluidity of the Vinyasa Yoga practice.

Vinyasa yoga is a graceful yet powerful system of yoga in which movement is linked to breath and poses flow, what seems to be seamlessly, from one to another. The beauty of this system is the movement, however, unconscious or mis-aligned movement can reek havoc on the body.

In this 2 1/2 hr workshop, we will explore the proper alignment of the body for the most commonly used poses in this system, the Sun Salutation or Vinyasa sequence. We’ll explore the shoulder girdle and how the correct organization of the body can create power, stability and length in poses like chaturanga, up-dog and down dog. When the body is aligned, we are able to experience ease in the pose; (from that place) power and grace are revealed and the true Yoga begins.

We will also look at:

  • Ujjai, the pranayama (breath work) associated with vinyasa, and how linking the breath to the movement creates a dynamic transformational ground for both mind and body.
  • Cultivating the proper alignment of the pelvis for strength and stability within our standing poses.
  • Modifications for injury, pregnancy and building strength.
  • Expect a well-rounded practice full of intentionality, insight and fun!

Whether your a seasoned practitioner, teacher or new to the vinyasa practice this workshop is for you.

Cultivate, (Re) Learn, Empower

$25 – January 18th from 2:30p – 5p

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