Awaken Your Inner Warrior

Awaken Your Inner Warrior

Awaken Your Inner Warrior with Stacie Hawkins

Saturday January 21st, 3-5PM
$45 Donation

Each new year presents us with new challenges sometimes leaving us feeling overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted. In the face of change, it is important to remain grounded and focused in order to feel empowered and capable of attaining our personal goals.

Awaken your inner warrior! In the first hour of this workshop you will be lead through breath work and a movement meditation warrior flow sequence designed to help you feel energized and empowered, preparing you to face challenges that come your way in the new year. Students can expect the first half of the asana practice to be a dynamic and energetic vinyasa practice with the remaining half of the practice closing in deep restorative poses to calm and prepare you for a 30-minute acupuncture enhanced savasana. Acupuncture treatment will focus on key acupuncture points that help to boost immunity and strengthen the system, while calming the heart and mind. Get ready to take on the New Year as we awaken the courageous and grounded warrior within!

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