6 Weeks to Better Arm Balances

6 Weeks to Better Arm Balances

Six Weeks to Better Arm Balances with Kiely Rutledge

Thursdays, January 5th – February 9th 2017
$90 Full Series / $15 Drop-In

Join me as we dive into theses challenging and fun postures! We will work through Christina Sell’s awesome Asana Junkies sequences! Intermediate / Advanced Level

Week 1 : Vasisthasana and side plank variations
​Week 2 : lolasana, eka hasta bhujasana, dwi hasta bhujnasana , bhujapidasana, astavakrasana
Week 3: handstand, pincha mayurasana
​Week 4: bakasana, pars bakasana , dpi pada koundinyasana
​Week 5: visvamitrasana, aka pada bakasana, tittibhasana
​Week 6: aka pada galavasana, kukkutasana

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