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Student Testimonial – Allie Whitworth

“Nothing has had such a profound effect on my daily life than the 300hr program at PYA. If I had to choose a few words to describe my experience during the 300hour PYA training program they would be: inspiring, strengthening,

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Acro for Yogis

Thursday February 16th 6:30-8:30pm @Side Space $25 Donation Are you curious to venture off your mat ‘island’ to explore collaborative duo and group practices? Want to try Acro but don’t where to begin? This all levels workshop is built on

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VDay Partner Practice

Monday, February 13th from 8-9:30PM $20 Individual / $35 for Two! @PYA Side Space Celebrate LOVE with yoga. This partnered class will guide you through shared movement, supported stretches, breath synchronization, and basic therapeutic flight practices. Soften into your connection

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Practice in Precision with Shanti Kelley

Saturday, March 4th from 2:30-5PM $35 Early Bird / $45 Day Of Limited to 20 People pre·ci·sion : prəˈsiZHən/ – marked by accuracy and exactness; a refinement in measure Inversions, Backbends and Hip openers can be challenging and often scary

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Clarity & Connection with Nicole Morin

Thursdays, February 23 – March 16, 6:30-7:45PM $15 Single / $40 Series @Side Space Awaken more clarity and connection with yourself through Yin yoga. This restorative practice accesses deeper tissues in the body to release physical and emotional tension and

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Mandala Flow with Gigi Mao

A Mandala is a circle that represents Wholeness and our relationship to the Infinite. As a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, it is often employed in meditation practice to establish a sacred space and to focus practitioners’

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Happy Hips

Saturday, February 11th from 3-5pm $25 Donation A workshop targeting the hips, hamstrings, IT-band, and low back This two hour, all levels, Hatha Yin practice includes long holds, hip openers, and breath work. The focus will be on hips and

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Practice With Purpose

Wednesdays, 1/18-2/8 from 5-6PM Cash Only Donation Join Practice Teacher Training graduate Janet Ha Wednesdays in the side space for an alignment based vinyasa practice benefitting The Refuge. 100% of your cash-only donation will go towards providing trauma-informed, long-term restoration

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Handstand: Moving Away from the Wall

Saturday, January 28th 3-4:45PM $25 Suggested Donation Are you comfortable kicking up against the wall but are struggling to find a handstand in the middle of the room? Join Jenn as she breaks down the Do’s and Don’ts of a

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Good Boundaries, No Limits – With Jason Lobo

Saturday, January 14th from 3-5PM $25 Requested Donation In this two hour, full-spectrum workshop we will discover how meaningful boundaries are necessary if we are to explore our limitless potential, both on our mats, and in the very real inner

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